My woodworking strives to blend function and style, but ultimately, I want to create things that people want to either showcase in their own homes or gift to their loved ones.  Most of my favorite items tend to “do” something: a cutting board for meals, a keepsake box for storing memories, a stepstool for toddlers to safely and easily assist in the kitchen.  But wood has such inherent diversity and beauty- I rarely add paints or colored stains to my products, preferring to let the wood’s natural color and grain speak for itself.  Who would have known that orange and purple and zebra-striped woods actually exist and that we’re able to use them however we’d like??  It makes for incredible handmade items and it makes for an incredible joy to bring those things to life.

Woodworking is also an unbelievable bridge through time.  I can use a millennia-old technique then enhance that method with a laser cutter.  I enjoy using a variety of tools and techniques in my projects, so long as it builds toward my goal of building a long-lasting and appealing product.  Living in Wyoming adds to that challenge- as wood is a living material it reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, so there’s always a little bit of math and science before shipping a product off to a client somewhere warmer.  Lastly, a lot of my art is inspired by Wyoming life, with my work being accented by animal tracks, dry flies, and mountainscapes.  

I am so excited to be a part of Works of Wyoming and have my work amongst such talented artists.  I have been a member of WoW since April 2024.

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