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Archer Woodworking is a hobby-driven small business that tries its best to produce information, entertainment...and occasionally handmade cutting boards or other items. Every drop of support helps more than you think! Most business funds are re-invested back into helping me grow my shop and skillsets.

If you want to support me by purchasing an AWW shirt, go here: http://www.archerwoodworking.com/product/aww-t-shirts

But if that's a little more than you're up for, how about a kudos? This product is a $5 pledge of support- there will be no item sent. But if you leave an email or drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram (@archerwoodworking) I'll be sure to send you a thanks! And you'll be supporting my small business! It's a great way to say thanks if you wound up here after getting some helpful info from my work.